Friday, June 10, 2016

Let the games begin

Theren fine adjusting the hairspring 
Tomas checking his timing results

Simone making the regulating curve
Now that exams are over Tomas, Simone, and Theren can relax and finish up some timing exercises and repairs.  There is a friendly competition between them to see who is able to get the smaller delta value on their constructed 6498 balances.  So far Tomas is in the lead with a whooping 3 second difference between 5 positions. Just for comparison sake, COSC certification has a 10 second delta.
In timing there are so many variables that may affect the outcome.  Theren for example had been stuck for days with an outlier value that couldn't be changed, but in the end it was discovered that the pivots were slightly bent and some burnishing did the trick to fix this error.  Mystery solved.
All green

Bent pivots

Shuai and Eddie have started on the subject of gear train oiling.  They started practicing on their 7 exercise movements.  Besides the oiling of gear trains, they have also studied the subject of cannon pinions and how to properly adjust them to the right tightness.
Eddie oiling the geartrain

Shuai oiling under the microscope
This week the school received a very interesting antique tool as a gift.  The tool is a gear cutting apparatus called the topping tool.  It is made by Sixis and in great working conditions.  Soon Henrik will have to teach the students how the machine operates.  Many thanks to German for this generous donation!
Topping tool donated from German

A Chezard jump second movement prototype purchased by Theren
 Henrik also taught Shuai and Eddie about the theory behind the escapement, focusing on the Swiss Lever Escapement.  However, many other examples where shown, such as the pictures below.

Above and below  Duplex escapements

Virgule or comma escapement
A cylinder escapement

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