Friday, May 27, 2016

The Grind

Hairspring with the regulating curve and double bend made by Simone
This week went really fast for our students, continuing work on hairsprings and timing.  Although timing started out being a bumpy road, they are slowly getting the hang of it and are beginning to get good results.  The tolerances our students get for their timing exercises are extremely strict considering they construct the whole oscillator starting from re-riveting the balance staff to bending the hairspring to construct the regulating curve and double bend.
Theren flattening and centering the hairspring on the bridge

Tomas centering the hairspring under the collet

Simone flattening the hairspring

Shuai and Eddie on the other hand spent the week preparing for their gear train exam.  It takes great patience in bending the wheel flat and cleaning the movement for final checking.  They are glad that the exam is over and are eager to start with the next subject.
Shuai making tools adjustments

Eddie making his movements extra clean

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