Friday, April 22, 2016

When all hell breaks loose

People fighting for a bargain deal.  See if you can spot someone you know!
Shuai and Eddie have started their 2nd year portion of the course.  As an inauguration they received their shiny white coats.  Warming up with disassembly and assembly of the 6498 and the 7001, and moving on to the oiling of incablocs to better train them in the manipulation of tweezer and screw driver.
On to the 2nd year for these two!

Getting ready for Incabloc oiling demonstration

Eddie making the scratch sheet for the 6498

On the other side of the classroom, the other students started vibrating...hairsprings.  Vibrating hairsprings is an old technique to calibrate the hairspring to a specific frequency using the vibrating tool.
The vibrating tool in action

It is a beautiful sight to see
Simone checking the flatness o the hairspring

Theren centering his hairspring

This Thursday was a special day for watch enthusiasts, because ones or twice a year Mr. Grimm brings in his collection of tools and misc. stuff and make a huge sale.  The students were able to take the day off and visit this phenomenon of an event.  They did not come home empty handed as you will see in the picture!
Just a couple of prized winnings from the fight

And a few more

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  1. I'm there to the left! Nice seeing the students, best regards to everyone. Rob