Friday, April 29, 2016

Restoration projects to completion

A perfectly oiled Incabloc
Last week Henrik showed the guys how to oil Incablocs, so this week Shuai and Eddie had a chance to try it out.  It is mostly an exercise to train the dexterity of the hands via the use of the tweezers. Besides oiling the Incablocs, they also learned how to oil the winding and setting mechanism in the watches they received.  It is tough to get just the right amount; there is usually the risk of oiling too much, allowing oil to spread throughout the movement making the oil more of a hazard than a help.
Theren finishing up the hairspring flattening and centering

Simone vibrating a hairspring

Tomas perfecting the hairspring flatness

Shuai starting the Yoke making exercise

Eddie restoring some tools that he bought

Remember that escape wheel that Theren was making?  The project has finally been finished and is in the process of being adjusted to the escapement.  Henrik will be doing the adjusting and final check before it is ready to be sent to the client.
The completed escape wheel along with the repivoted pinion done by Henrik

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