Friday, April 1, 2016

Basel World Part 2

Men in Suits

Continuing our trip from Basel World, there are endless things to talk about, but pictures are worth more than a thousand words, so instead of talking about the things we saw, we're going to show them.


It was definitely a great first Basel world experience for our students and they saw a lot of interesting timepieces that they hope to someday work on in the near future.

Theren checking how to punch out the balance staffs from the wheel

Simone turning balance staff off to ready it for punching

Tomas filing the pivot of the balance staff 
Back in the school Tomas, Theren, and Simone  have started on the new topic of oscillators. The first step is removing the hairspring, roller, and balance staff off of the balance.  They were given some exercises to practice on for the majority of the week.
Shuai continues to burnish his pivot gauges

Eddie burnishing his balance staff

Eddie has been working on the balance staff, the last micromechanics portion of the course.  He feels that it is difficult to do two pivot ends on a single piece of metal.

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