Friday, April 8, 2016

New Movements


The boys doing some high precision team assembly of antique movements (aka tables)

Spring is here
Since we got new sofas, we thought we needed new tables to go along with our fancy sofas.  What better option than a watch themed table for a watchmaking school!  We also had the best opportunity to test out the table since we celebrated Henrik's Birthday this Monday.  We had a small get together  with lots of food and drinks.

Shuai centering the cutter for making the hour wheel

Shuai and Eddie learned how to make the hour wheel on the 70 lathe this week.  The most important part of making the wheel is centering the cutter.  It takes a lot of time and concentration to center it well.  They are still getting the hang of it.
Tomas learning how to poise

Simone holding his breathe

Theren using the one hair brush to poise his wheel

Meanwhile the rest of the students continued  on the subject of oscillators.  They learned how to rivet new staffs into the balance, then how to straighten the balance on the lyre tool and finally how to do static poising.  The students are in love with poising as it is very fine manipulation, and they can't wait until they learn how to do timing.

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