Friday, April 15, 2016

A surprise phone call

Olivier from Merard visits the school

Henrik received a surprise phone call last week from the leading polishing compound company that supplies compounds and buffs to many big brands across Switzerland and the rest of the world.  Olivier from Merard visited us this week to show us their products and share with us his knowledge about polishing and the difference between their products and other products sold around the world.  Olivier was kind enough to also give us some samples (including an assortment of polishing compounds and buffs) to try.  The problem with polishing as Henrik has found, is that in many cases it causes the rounding of bevels and causes the orange peel effect, but with these products (through preliminary trials) they seem to be much much better.  We will do a lot more testing when the students learn how to use the buffing machine, but the products seem promising.  Here is the website if any of our readers are interested.
Olivier explaining the mysteries of polishing

Olivier introducing his company, Merard
The tools used in truing hairsprings

The students started on the subject of truing hairsprings this week.  Hairsprings are extremely sensitive to manipulate, therefore it takes a lot of skill and practice to master this subject.  The subjects starts with attaching the hairsprings to the split collets, and then fitting the collets to the balance staff and balance.  Once attached, micro adjustments are applied to make them perfectly flat and centered.
Simone checking the flatness of his hairsprings

Theren pressing the collet onto the balance

Tomas centering the hairspring

Shuai has finished all 13 pivot gauges and has moved on to learn the cutting of the hour wheel along with Eddie.  After doing a couple of practice runs this week, they finished the hour wheel exam today.

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