Friday, September 1, 2017

Finishing tools and parts

We start finishing our tools including winding stem this week. For tools we have a lot choices to do it, like straight graining, frosting, powder coating, and plating. Finishing isn't easy at all, there are a lof of details we have to note while working. Also develope our own technique through painful practices.

To reach black polish requires a lot of practices. It's never an easy job.

Felix trying out polishing with the micromotor his steel spring for the pallet fork support.

Sif performing free hand straight graining. Free hand straight graining gives more warmth to the work piece. 
It's not Christmas yet. It's ready for plating.

Some final result of our polish of winding stems.

We also practice restoring winding stem for old pocket watch. The exercise is really useful if we have a chance to do restoration in the future.

Felix's pallet fork support. Decorated with frosting, red gold plating, and a bevel give this tool a totaly different character. The bluing of the blue steel is also pretty nice.

Stan using the jig boring machine to finish his tool. 

Shuai is decorating his watch parts. 

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