Friday, September 8, 2017

Pivot Gauge Handle

We keep moving on to our next challenge this week, making pivot gauge handles. Making the handles from blue steel means this time we have to turn blue steel with HSS graver. Because the hardness of these two material is pretty similar, the graver wear out quickly comparing turn brass or silver steel. We have to spend more time grinding our gravers to keep them sharp for the works.
Turning blue steel also cause some muscle pain, so we also finishing our unfinished tools as a relax exercise.

Happy Birthday, Yi-ting.

Turning blue steel with HSS graver, is not easy but also easy.

Keep fighting with blue steel. 

We'll keep sharing some of our finished tool pictures. Enjoy

Brass anvil.

Angular rule.

Pointed nose vise. Before assembly.

Pointed nose vise. Final appearance.

Balance bridge support.

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