Friday, August 25, 2017

Magic, Rhodium Plating, Polishing, Tools and Winding Stems

Keep working on our winding stems, tools, also we learned how to plating this week. Because everyone's progress is slightly different, we'll show more pictures to you.

Pre-clean for plating. Pre-clean decide the result of your plating.

Our exercise is plating rhodium on a bridge. Beware of the process condition for different plating such as voltage, temperature,  and time.  


After. By the way, learning how to judge the result is equally important. If the surface is like powderish and easy to remove then it probably not well coated.

Introducing Henrik's new finding, The Magic Rhodium from Horotec. We'll show how magic it is in below pictures.

Before, brass showing.

Apply some liqiud magic rhodium on the spot you would like to fix and rubb it around with pegwood, and finally clean with alcohol.

Ta da~~~~

CJ jig boring his tools. 

Final finish for the winding stem.

Sif Milling her screw polishing tool.

Henrik is a big fan of hot sauce. Check out his collection. ^^

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