Friday, September 22, 2017

Practicing and practicing for the pivot gauge exam

This week, we keep practicing turning between centres. Last week we prepared the handle for the pivot gauge, and this week we started to turn the pivot.
 Turning the pivot is the most difficult work compared all work we have learned since we started. The graver has to be sharp all the time to make the cylinder and the shoulder perfect. In addition, good eyesight is more important than ever. When turning the pivot to below 0.10mm, it can be painful to watch and concentrate on this tiny tiny pivot for the whole day.  with the exam date closing in we are all hoping for the best. 
 We also had Pierre with us for his bench test. He is really passionate about watchmaking. We wish to see him come back in a near future.
Pierre doing his final test in the bench test, assembling a watch.
the moment of realisation when you are told  your making things more complicated than they need to be. 
a view of a smiths platform clock and the escape wheel pinion which requires re-pivoting
a common issue and a big probelm! re-pivoting is highly skilled, this is the broken one

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