Friday, May 5, 2017

Our first visit

Shuai is continuing work on his tourbillon. here he is dilling a hole on our beautiful jig boring machine for his escape bridge.

We took advantage of a chipped tungsten graver to learn the basics behind the Agathon machine.

Leon who is from Singapore, sharing his experience of starting his watch brand on kickstarter.
And how the marketing take the important place in selling watches, its a good lesson for us if we went to start our own brand in the future.

This week we began the lifelong process of practisisng our lathe skills.  The lathe is one of the most integral machines to watchmaking. watchmaking lathes comes in various forms, from the turns to the 8mm lathe to larger schaublin 102s. We decided to strike a middle ground and start with using the schaublin 70 and using just the cross slide.

On a beautiful sunny day here in  La chaux-de-fonds we went to visit a truly artisanal and independant casemaker and jewler. it was a very enlightening experience, His filing, machining and hand skills are truly impressive.

Mr. Mora

The lady bug watch with his patented design and mechanism.

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