Friday, May 12, 2017

Milling around

This week we have also been continuing our tool making, as we learn more and more about the machines it enables us to be  more creative and begin to think about aesthetics and how to achieve our design goals.
Milling has played a large part of that this week as we went deeper into the milling proceses and attachments, from milling on the lathe to different methods of holding our work such as complex vices. 
Felix has spent much of the week making screws of various sizes, materiels and design. 

The lathe milling attachment, endless posebilities!. 

Eddie has been working on some classical pocketwatches. here  he is evaluating the state of the parts looking for wear and other issues such as rust or previous poor repairs.

Shuai has been continuing his restoration of an Omega caliber 613. 
This week was made all the more special thanks to a lovely visit from Jack Kurdzionak, a fellow of the AWCI, watchmaker and now parts supplier for a wide variaty of watches. an incredibly passionate guy who had some great insight into being a watchmaker in America

 Here Felix and Yi ting were using the profile projector and finding some inconsistencies with the timing screws on this 200 year old balance wheel
Stan hard at work as the perpetual grind continues, and were glad of it!

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