Friday, February 3, 2017

School watches and Restoration

Theren making a small bridge

Tomas centering the microscope for his tourbillion bridge holes

Shuai bending the chronograph runner pivot back straight
The students kept working on their individual projects this week.  Eddie continued to design his school watch this week, almost finishing his Inventor drawing.  He has been reading a lot of books for research on different ways of designing the movement.  Shuai is working on a client's Valjoux 72 chronograph, doing restoration work including polishing down a chipped jewel on the pallet fork.  Tomas is making incredible progress on his tourbillion, making the tourbillion cage spin today.  Simone finished adjusting the main movement for his school watch and has started beveling and decorating the mainplate and bridges.  Theren worked on the winding and setting of his school watch all week, finishing the ratchet, crown, and winding pinion.
Eddie making the design of his school watch, taking the omega 265 as his base 

Simone trying out perlage on his school watch

Chipped pallet fork jewel

Polished and restored

Next week the students will learn the theory behind the Breguet haisrping and how to bend them.  Everyone is looking forward to it! 

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