Friday, January 27, 2017


Trivial Pursuit for watchmaking lovers
Simone enters another world
It was the first time the SIHH was open to the public last Friday, so even though the students are all swamped with their personal projects, they had to go check it out.  SIHH, sort of like Basel World is a platform where brands introduce their new products of the year and allows visitors to get a closer look at them.  It is much smaller than Basel World, thus wasn't overwhelming.  The students really enjoyed their trip, being able to see some of their favorite brands such as Lange & Sohne, Vacheron, and of course Voutilainen.

Theren marking the cuts for his jumping second wheel

Simone checking the measurements to his axle

Shuai making pallet jewel adjustments

Tomas reaming open jewel holes for the perfect fit

Theren learns how to use the topping tool to remove burrs from his freshly cut 4th wheel

A different kind of gear cutting setup
After SIHH the students came back home refreshed and continued with their separate projects.  Theren finished his pinions and started working on his jumping second mechanism for his school watch.  Tomas finished all his bridges and is now making adjustments on the wheels and pinions.  Simone finished turning a new pallet fork axle for his school watch.  Eddie finished his first personal repair, which was a vintage pocket watch.  Shuai worked all week on a client's chronograph restoration, having to reshape a pallet jewel in the process.

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