Friday, February 24, 2017

running out of time

Tomas burnishing his escape wheel
This week we had a taster course scheduled for Dr. Tao, a Chinese molecular biologist working currently in Denmark.  He fell into watchmaking from reading online blogs and quickly built interest into this beautiful profession.  Through the 5 day taster course, he learned what watchmakers actually did and got a taste of what skill sets a watchmaker requires.
A bit larger than molecular biology

This is the last week Simone, Tomas, and Theren will be working on their school watches during the school hours since they will have to start preparing for their finals in mid March.  Tomas assembled his tourbillon and made adjustments and added small details to his complication, such as the banking pins and studding up of the hairspring.  Simone did final adjustments to his chronograph mechanism and started to do final finishing of the components.  Theren started assembling his main movement, also making adjustments to endshakes and the escapement.
Theren enlarging a jewel hole with diamond paste

Eddie cutting a pinion

Shuai taking measurements for his school watch

Simone focused on his chronograph adjustments

Eddie started making wheels and pinions to test out his design.  Shuai continues to design his school watch, starting to prepare the making of the mainplate.
Henrik made finals questions in Trivial Pursuit form to help the students study for the final

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