Friday, February 17, 2017

A Necessary Evil

Simone's finished bridges
Tomas cutting his pallet fork angles on beryllium copper

Shuai taking down measurements for his school watch design

Eddie using the microscope for precision oiling

Theren and Tomas machining out their school watch
Throughout the week the students continue to work on their school watches.  Shuai and Eddie have started on their designs, Eddie has even started to make some prototype parts such as the barrel cover and drum.  Shuai has been taking down measurements and designing his watch, still undecided on some specifics of the movement.
Tomas begun production of his pallet fork and milled out the spokes for his tourbillon.  Theren finished his balance bridge and pallet fork bridge and is focusing on the completion of the main movement now.  Simone finished all the finishing on his school watch and will start to assemble and adjust the chronograph next week.
The Witschi Q1 is extremely powerful

Theren trying out quartz analysis

Although the school is focused on classical watchmaking, quartz is still something the students will need to know for their future careers in watchmaking.  The students learned how the quartz watches work and how to analyze them for the different types of errors that may occur in the quartz and what they can do about it.  By using the Witschi Analyzer Q1 we are able to see very detailed information about the workings of the quartz watch.  In the end, quartz watches are also very interesting and have their own appeals.

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