Thursday, January 19, 2017

Chiming time!

Simone following the steps to check the minute repeater
The single most complex classical complication is no doubt the Minute repeater, and this week the students had the chance to get some hands-on experience on understanding how the mechanisms function and how to check that everything is as they should, within their tolerances.  There was a lot of bings and bongs going around the classroom this week, and the students utterly enjoyed it.

Eddie working on his personal pocket watch

Tomas finishing his repairs

Shuai doing fine adjustments on his school repairs

Theren burnishing some pivots for his pinion
The students continued to work on their respective projects.  Tomas finished his tourbillion bridge for his school watch and will now start working on the tourbillion cage!  Simone is working on his school watch chronograph, making the final adjustments so that he can start decorating the movement.  Theren is working on his school watch gear train, making pinions and the barrel arbor.  Eddie and Shuai are working on their personal repairs at the moment, and simultaneously finishing their timing exercises.  
Theren checking the engagement on his pinion with the depthing tool

Completed center pinion

The school will be travelling to the SIHH in a few and hope to see a lot of interesting watches and people, possibly you! 

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