Friday, January 13, 2017

School's in session

Lauri showing the students his company's products
Hope everyone had a great winter holiday, cause we sure did!  The students all went home to their respective countries for the holidays to enjoy some time with family and friends along with some much needed rest.  After three short weeks, the students are back for the final push until graduation in March.  They still have a lot of work and different projects to finish before final exams (looks like they have to power through a lot of work in the coming months).
Theren back to pinion cutting

Theren trying out a new macro lens

Tomas finishing up his watch repairs

Eddie taking measurements for his repairs

Shuai beveling a pocket watch bridge

Simone adjusting his chronograph

We had a product presentation from Rataspari, a relatively new Finnish company making high tech horological machines.  Lauri showed the students their newest product, the digital hairspring vibration counter, which is basically a digital version of the vibrating tool the students used during their hairspring course.  It is great to see an innovative company making new generation watch tools.
Lauri demonstrating how the digital vibrating tool is used

Very sleek design for a vibrating tool

Another product is the precision heat plate

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