Friday, November 25, 2016

On the same page

The Automatic reverser

The auto

A version of the calendar mechanism with quick set and safety features for forbidden hours
It is probably the first time all five of our students are in the same portion of the course.  This week Henrik taught the students about the automatic/self-winding mechanism and the calendar mechanism.  There is a large variation in the types of mechanism for both complications, but the general theory behind them are more or less the same.  The students get to finally put some of their movements together in whole for once!  The students not only get to assemble the mechanisms and learn how they work, but also learned how to oil the different parts of these mechanisms.
Theren doing some written exercises

Eddie finishing some timing

Simone assembling the automatic and calendar mechanisms on the 7750

Tomas working on his school watch

Next week they will start on Chronographs!  Everyone is super psyched! because, who doesn't like chronographs!

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