Friday, December 2, 2016


Simone assembling his chronograph

Tomas disassembling the 7750

The 7750 cam system

The classical column wheel chronograph

The Dubois-Depraz chronograph module
It has been an intense week of chronographs for our students. The students not only learn about the theory behind how a chronograph works but also get to practice on three different styles of chronographs!  They start off by learning the classical column wheel chronographs, the more logical of the bunch.  Besides the basic assembly and disassembly, they also learned how to make adjustments to the engagements of levers and hammers, where sometimes modifications to their shape are required.  They then moved on to the more modern chronographs, starting with the most common Valjoux/ETA 7750.  It was very interesting for them to compare the two systems.  To top it off, Henrik also showed the students a modular chronograph.  Modular chronographs are chronograph modules that connect to a basic movement which converts it into a chronograph.  It was a lot of work, but the students loved every minute of it!
Eddie making adjustments to his chronograph

Shuai making fine oiling to his chronograph

Theren making a 4th wheel pinion for his school watch

This week the school had two visitors.  The first coming directly from Bangladesh.  Hasan is a former student of Henrik's back when he was teaching in WOSTEP.  Hasan is now owner of his own workshop where he services watches from over 40 stores.  The students can see the appreciation in Hasan's eyes of having Henrik as his mentor.
Hasan's visit

Tom and Melissa visiting the school

The second visitors were Mr. Tom Schomaker and his wife Melissa.  Tom is a well known watchmaker/instructor in America, teaching in the AWCI.  Tom and Melissa are visiting countless watchmaking related establishments and were able to also make time to visit us at the school.  Tom shared many stories and tips from his 30 plus years of watchmaking experience.  It was quite informative for the students to hear the watchmaking ways of America.

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