Friday, November 11, 2016

Patrimoine d'Horlogerie

Grattage specialist at Swiss Machines

The Hauser M1, fully restored by Swiss Machines

Bergeon designing their own tools with 3D printed prototypes
Last weekend was the biannual Patrimoine d'Horlogerie day where factories in Le Locle and La Chaux-de-Fonds open their doors to the public for tours of the facilities.  It was extremely interesting for the students to see how the production works in the industry.  The students visited a case and dial making factory where they were surprised to see that not only were CNCs used, but all parts were hand adjusted by real craftsmen in their field and finished by hand.  It was also a great chance for them to create connections with both factories and the visitors on the tour.  Other places that the students visited were a diamond setting atelier, a machine restorer and a couple tool makers.  All in all, it was a great experience for the students and a big eye opener for them to see in person how the stuff they use everyday are actually made.

Tomas working on the school watch

Theren turning pivots for the project

Simone milling special parts for the project
In school, Tomas, Simone, and Theren continue to work on the secret project.  This week they made major breakthroughs, having much more faith in the success of the whole creation.  There is still a lot of fine adjusting left, but we believe the major obstacles have been overcome.

Eddie focused on hairspring adjusting

Shuai adjusting for the best timing
Shuai and Eddie have started preparing for their hairspring exams, which is the final exam before the final exam.  They completed 2 practice exams this week, and must complete 2 more next week before the big day.  Wish them luck!

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  1. wow cool to see you guys got to go inside Bergeon and finally had a go at grattage! Good luck to Shuai and Eddie!