Friday, November 18, 2016

Watchmaker's tools


The students have been trying to increase their collection of tools for the past year and a half.  Second hand tools don't always come in perfect conditions, therefore, this past weekend the students made them perfect by powder coating them.  Powder coating is a layer of special paint is extremely rust and scratch resistant.  Because powder coating takes a lot of prep work, it took the students the whole Saturday to finish coating all of their tools.  The results were amazing and everyone ended the day happy and exhausted.
In the oven

Theren's repainted lathe

During the week Shuai and Eddie continue to practice for their hairspring exam.  This is their last exam before the Final, so they are extremely happy to be finished with them now.  All the students will be starting the Calendar and Automatic movements next week, and they are all looking forward to it.
Simone making a column wheel for his repairs

Theren centering his school watch mainplate

Tomas milling out the winding pinion slot in his school watch mainplate

Theren, Simone, and Tomas continue to work on the school project where they made another break through.  They seem to be really close to getting it to work.  All that would be left is decorating it and making it pretty for the jury!

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