Friday, October 28, 2016

Tooling Around

If only this were at the KHWCC front door!
It was a fullfilling week of treasure hunting for the students.  During the weekend the students went to the Fribourg Forum where they held a big market for all things vintage.  There were many interesting items for sale there, but the students focused their energy on watchmaking related treasures, as you may see in the pictures below.
A Sixis topping tool

An old school timing machine

A nice perlage machine

On Sunday, Theren and Tomas went to Zurich where there was a watch and clock market held twice a year.  It was also an amazing market full of collectors and deliciously looking watches.  Again, they were there mostly for the tools and to look at some beautiful watches.
New cutters for pinion cutting

Volkshaus in Zurich

This was also a great week because Shuai and Eddie started learning about Isochronism, one word they will never forget for the rest of their lives.
Shuai checking his hairsprings

Eddie taking notes on the 8 factors affecting Isochronism

While the other students continued to work on personal projects such as the school watch and restoration pieces.
Theren designing the mechnisms of his school watch on Inventor

Tomas starting on his mainplate

Simone making a column wheel for a broken chronograph

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