Friday, October 14, 2016

Charles and the watch factory

Group picture
Charles sharing stories
This week the school got a surprise visit from Charles, one of our alumni from the last graduating class.  As you might know, Charles worked for Roger Smith on the Isle of Man.  He shared his experiences working for a watchmaking superstar along with many tips and tricks of the trade.  The students were able to learn and understand much more about the Independents' side of watchmaking. Henrik and the students enjoyed  his company and wishes Charles all the best in his future endeavors.

Eddie centering hairsprings

Shuai flattening and centering hairsprings
In the school, Eddie and Shuai were taught how the 2nd pinning point is calculated and cut.  The next for them is to practice flattening and centering once more. Wish them luck everyone! They\re going to need a lot of it!
Tomas burnishing pivots for his repairs

Tomas rebushed damaged threads in two of his school exercise mainplates this week along with some timing and restoration here and there.  He also finished his swan neck screw which could be done because the roller die has finally come.

Theren adjusting hairsprings for timing
Theren on the other hand finished all his timing exercises and can now focus on his school watch and the secret school project.
Our new school mascot

Henrik had graduated! Thank you AWCI

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