Friday, October 21, 2016

Importance of a good service

The amazing 13ZN

Perfect condition case and dial
Charles missed us so much that he came back this week again to show us his new prized possesion, a rare Longines 13ZN chronograph.  The chronograph is in pristine condition and is a beautifully constructed movement.

Simone brought back a chronograph over the past weekend which was supposedly "serviced" less than a year ago from a self-acclaimed watchmaker.  The group was surprised to find out after opening the caseback that many components were destroyed due to over-oiling and lack of proper servicing procedures.  This was a great educational example of how important each detail of what the students have learned in the school are.  Also, never trust an 80 Euro overhaul!

Shuai centering and flattening the hairspring

Tomas doing repairs

Eddie studding up

Simone working on a hairspring
Theren setting up the timing machine
During the week, Shuai and Eddie started on the theory behind isochronism, which are divided into 8 factors that they will have to learn over the next few weeks.  Besides the theory, they have also began studding up the perfectly centered and flattened hairsprings onto the balance bridge and creating the perfect regulating curve, and double bend.

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