Friday, October 7, 2016

Back to CH and Vibrating

Henrik had a lot to share with the students since he got back from the AWCI convention in Chicago, aside from the finishing course Henrik listened in to a wide range of horologically related lectures such as the future of 3D printing, micromilling, 3D scanning in watchmaking, writing articles for watch magazines and macro photography.

That's what a badge for VIP looks like!
Students hard at work.
Henrik met a lot of enthusiastic watchmakers from all over America, and even one student came all the way from Australia answering many of their questions in his micro-lectures. All in all Henrik had a great time in America and is looking forward to the next AWCI event in 2017.

Group photo of the class
3D printed gears.
Micro millingmachine.
While Henrik was away the students kept busy working on personal projects and some started working on the school watch.
Theren making the mainplate for his school watch
Shuai fixing his lathe's spindle

This week Eddie and Shuai started vibrating hairsprings, after the in depth presentation Henrik gave them they were both able to succeed in obtaining the correct VPH(Vibrations Per Hour).
Simone made a new winding stem for a customers Valjoux 22 chronograph wristwatch.

Learning vibrating

beautiful resort that hosted the connvention.

too bad Henrik had time only for watchmaking.

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