Friday, February 26, 2016

Tests in the past and future

Burnishing away

It's exam week, so everyone has been busy preparing for today.  Shuai's  winding stem exam is done with and Eddie has finished his Pivot gauge exam.  The other boys had their first practice escapement exam today.

Turning like a pro
Shuai's technique to prevent winding stems from bending was a great success.  He has made more than 5 winding stems without a single bend.  He may be onto something!
Tomas turning the setting lever screw

Theren working hard on his escape wheel

Tomas has pocket watch with missing swan neck and a broken winding and setting mechanism.  He has a lot of restoration work to do.  He has made a new setting lever screw already and is working now on a prototype of the swan neck for the regulator.
Setting lever screw: The original vs The new

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