Friday, February 5, 2016

Lost and Found

Simone checking out the set up for adjusting the guard pin length
After finishing the theory on escapements Henrik showed the students a bonus lesson on vintage pallet fork guard pins and how they can be adjusted.  Special pushers are needed for this operation which is irreversible.  So don't try this at home!!!
Tomas adjusting the escapement 
Theren cleaning the pallet fork

Shuai started turning on the 8mm lathe this week.  Beginning with the turning of different sized cylinders out of brass, and later in steel.  Shuai also learned how to sharpen gravers by hand.  He also started filing squares in preparation for the winding stem.
Shuai starting on the 8mm lathe and enjoying it

Eddie started turning between centers

Due to massive amounts of assembling and disassembling the escapement for adjustments, the  students sometimes lose parts due to sudden gusts of winds (or maybe blunted tweezer, or just bad luck).  Therefore the students spent some time on the big table this week.
Sweeping the big table looking for a lost pallet fork

Tomas praying to the watchmaking gods to help him find his pallet fork

There's a flu going around in Switzerland and some of the students caught the virus.  It was a tough week all around.
Theren upgraded his screwdrivers with newly added leather grips

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