Friday, February 12, 2016

New tools

An assortment of tools Shuai purchased this weekend

Simone's flashy new escape meter
The students had some free time last weekend and they thought it would be great if they went for more watchmaking!  They went on a shopping spree in a tool shop and got some useful tools (and some not so useful).
Eddie turning pivots

Eddie continues on making his pivot gauges.  Starting with making cylinders and pivots, and most likely starting with the burnishing next week.
Shuai starts turning winding stems
Shuai's impeccably finished slots 

Shuai has finished all the prep work for the winding stem this week, and so will  be starting on making a complete winding stem starting next week.  Exciting things coming in the future for these two students.
Tomas doing the final cleaning

Simone adjusting his pallet forks with his new escape meter

The other students have been finishing the escapement exercises, adjusting the pallet jewels and doing the final cleaning of the pallet fork.
Theren making prototype spokes for the escape wheel

Planning is 90% of watchmaking

Making fly cutters for the escape wheel cutting

Theren started a restoration project, making an escape wheel for a Patek Philippe wrist watch.  The process consists of multiple steps, making many tools for making tools to make the part.  We hope he succeeds!

Tomas made a new type of finishing on the milling machine

Henrik found a solution to remove tungsten carbide (hardmetal). If a drill breaks in a brass piece made from hardmetal we can now dissolve it.

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