Friday, March 4, 2016


That's one happy watchmaker
Theren replacing a broken guard pin

Tomas making his own anvils for the Horia tool
Lots of interesting things happening in the school this week.  The three students, Tomas, Theren and Simone had their escapement exam today, which was a big load off their backs.  Because the exam took only half the day, they thought it would be fun to grade each others' practice exams from the previous day.  Being the teacher isn't as easy as it seems!
The pantograph, used to make engravings and much more

Tapping machine used to make threads much quicker

The new and improved social space

The school got major upgrades this week also.  We got rid of the old plastic sofas and got brand new leather sofas.  They have proven to be dangerously comfortable, students sit down for a quick rest and find themselves fast asleep in seconds.  The machine room also got sweet new machines, specifically a Pantograph and a tapping machine.  The machines need a bit of work done to them before they can be used, but the possibilities the students can do now are really endless.

Longines 30B running.

Two years ago, Charles (our graduated student from last year) got a Longines cal.30B from a collector wishing to restore the watch, and because Charles just didn't have time before he graduated, he handed the watch to German (another student that graduated last year) and asked him to finish the job.  German was able to remake a balance staff for the watch and make it run again.  This Wednesday, the collector came back to collect his watch.  The collector was very happy to visit the school and see where all the watchmaking magic happens.  He also brought more of his collection for the students to see and perhaps even work on.
The collector sharing his passion of watches with the students

The movement that came in 2 years ago, returned to it's owner

More from his collection (Longines 13zn and Valjoux 72)

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