Friday, January 29, 2016

Feeling Cheezy

The students browsing books and tools at Mr. Simonin's

The school's new vibrating tool (and a raw piece of ruby)
Last weekend the students made another trip to see Mr. Simonin and his wonderful establishment.  Besides the wonderful book selection, Mr. Simonin also has a wide variety of watchmaking tools.  None of the students left empty handed is all we can say.

Raclette party

We had our first bench tester, Sam, this year coming from Australia to see what watchmaking is all about.  He feels that assembling and disassembling was a lot of fun and the hardest part was the filing.

After having Swiss fondue for three times we decided to mix it up a bit by switching to another traditional Swiss speciality, the Raclette, which is melted cheese poured onto potatoes.  The students enjoyed the food and the movie afterwards.

Shuai working on an extremely decorated tripod

Beautiful brass anvil made by Shuai

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