Friday, December 9, 2016

Twinkle twinkle little screws

Shuai flat polishing with the tripod
Exercise one
It was all about finishing this week.  Henrik planned a full week exercises about decorating and finishing of different watch components.  The students started off by black polishing 17 assortments of screws, starting from the smallest and easier to eventually, the big boss, a ginormous screw.  In no particular order, the students had to accomplish several types of finishing on parts such as ratchet wheel, setting lever springs, bridges, and other wheels.   They learned how to bevel steel and brass components, along with polishig them afterwards.  They cut chamfers and polished the chamfers using the bow and pegwood.  They tested circular graining, snailing, and straight graining on the wheels.  All in all, the students were extremely excited to learn about finishing, afterall in today's industry the finishing is one of the biggest parts of the value in a watch.
Tomas checking condition of his polish

Theren trying out some snailing patterns

Simone making bevels
Eddie checking his beveled bridges

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