Friday, September 9, 2016

Strike a poise

The boys picking out treasure 
Last weekend the legendary Mr. Simonin had another one of his sales for the students.  The tools are all left overs from the last time, however, there were still a lot of treasure to be found.  All the students found something they wanted and went home happy.

Shuai slowing down the balance on the poisig tool to find the accurate heavy spot

Eddie doing static poising

In school Shuai and Eddie learned how to do static poising on balances using the poising tool and cutting small holes on the underside of them to perfectly poise them.  It is quite challenging due to the sensitivity of the external influences such as air current, or dust in the air.

Tomas doing some polishing

Tomas is working on a pocket watch with broken pallet jewels.  He has to find a correct sized and angled pallet jewel to replace it with.  There are sometimes not the perfect match, therefore Tomas had to grind and polish it to the correct size and shape.

Theren experimenting with different sunray setups

Theren finished his alarm ratchet wheel from last week and tried to match the original finishing as close as possible.  He has also started to restore the rest of the movement, removing rust and refinishing some of the surfaces.

Simone continues to work on his vintage ladies calibres.  The hairsprings are extrememly small and challenging. Special tweezers are often needed to even be able to manipulate the hairspring.  Timing the watches are also challenging, as ladies movements are innately bad timekeepers due to their small balances.

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