Friday, September 16, 2016

It's a Girl!

Simone turning a tool used in the secret project

team effort
Theren, Tomas and Simone has acquired the essential materials to continue on their secret project last weekend and so has begun work on the project once again.  The prototype turned out well and so they can now begin work on the real piece.  After discussion and careful planning the mainplate of the project is slowly taking shape.  A few teasers above for the readers to see!

The tools needed in pinning up to the collet and general hairspring adjustments

Shuai doing preliminary adjustments to the hairspring

Eddie finishing up some personal repairs
Shuai and Eddie has begun working on hairsprings this week.  Henrik showed them how to flatten and center them using fine tweezers and techniques to manipulate them as well as mounting them back to the balance to make them perfectly true.

The pointed nose vice

Polishing tripod with column wheel screws
Last week Shuai tried out a new plating we had, the blue rhodium.  The color is extremely nice, giving off a slight blue tint at certain angles.  The pictures above are the pointed nose vise along with the polishing tripod that Shuai designed and made by himself!

Fresh tin
The school also ordered tin for the students to make their own personal tin plates for polishing which came in this week.  It is time to melt some metal once again!

Yi-Ting extremely focused
Coming from Taiwan this week for the bench test is Yi-Ting.  Yi-Ting has some experience in the watchmaking industry, although not as a watchmaker, and therefore built up great industry in this art.  She showed great interest and skills during the 5 days she was here and so we hope she will be able to join the KH team in the near future!

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