Friday, September 2, 2016

service and repairs

Theren cutting the alarm ratchet wheel

Tomas adjusting hairsprings

Eddie oiling tthe escapement

Simone looking for spare parts for his repairs

Shuai riveting the balance staff
This week the students took time off from the project to work on some unfinished work and personal repairs.  Theren got a Vulcain alarm watch during the summer holidays that he started to do repairs on.  It was missing an alarm ratchet wheel and also the hole for the barrel bridge has extreme wear, therefore needs to be bushed.  Simone also got some family repairs during the holidays of mostly ladies calibers.  It is sometimes quite a challenge to work on those tiny movements.  Tomas is finishing up some timing exercises along with timing some of his own personal repairs also.

The setup for boring the barrel hole round

Shuai plating his tools

Shuai's screw heads for his polishing tripod
Shuai and Eddie started on the subject of escapements, more specifically the oiling of escapements and rivetting and repairing broken balance wheels and staffs.  Aside from all the exercises that come with these new subjects they also learned how to operate the electroplating machine.

Lots of work done for just the 2nd week after class started!  The boys are back to going full throttle!
Time to enjoy the weekend!


  1. Looks like the students are learning the trade the right way. My grandfather learned the trade in Germany before 1900. My dad learned it from him and I learned it from my Dad. There it has ended. Good luck Guys, Don

  2. Thank you for the encouraging words Don!