Friday, January 15, 2016

Getting back in rhythm during a snowy week

Shuai sawing out the pieces for the practice exam
More preparation
Shuai spent the week preparing for his first exam.  Although filing seems like a simple task, Shuai still discovered some new techniques from the practicing.
Unknown movement with a missing winding stem.  New winding stem made by Theren.

Theren did an exercise where he made an unknown winding stem for an unknown pocket watch movement.  He had to use different measuring techniques to figure out the different lengths and diameters of the multiple parts of the winding stem.
Theren tries oiling the geartrain for the first time

Simone checks his oiling in the microscope

Tomas, the wheel straightening expert

Henrik showed the students this week how to oil the geartrain.  Henrik expects the highest quality of oiling, requiring the students to even make a progression of oil amounts.  Also shown this week was how to achieve the correct endshake and division on barrels between the mainplate and bridge.  The students must make sure nothing in the geartrain runs into each other.
Epilame used to prevent smearing and spreading of oil

Henrik also showed the students how to "cheat" in oiling by using a solution called epilame.  Epilame prevents oil from spreading and getting into places it should not be.

Antique style of cannon pinion with a hollowed out center wheel
Method to remove the pin and cannon pinion

Students trying to get used to this

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