Friday, November 27, 2015

Wheel of fortune

It's Cartman!

Last week the students started learning about the barrel.  They continued this week on correcting barrel flatness and concentricity and also learned how to lubricate the mainspring.
Simone checking the concentricity of his barrel

Theren observing flatness of the barrel

After learning about the barrel, Henrik proceeded to teach the students how to check the conditions of the gear train, especially bending the wheels back to flatness.
Henrik showing the students on the screen how flatness is checked on a wheel

Tomas brushing the wheel to check for flatness

Eddie continued to work on the winding stem on the 8mm lathe.  He learned how to make threads and also how to harden and temper.
Eddie making the threads on the winding stem

Nicolas started with the Schaublin 70 this week, making male cones and female cones.  He finished his press fit plate by utilizing the skills he has learned these past 2 weeks.

Nicolas preparing to turn on the 70 lathe

Press fitting the cones into the press fit plate
At the end of the micromechanics course, Theren also did an exercise, making a missing yoke in an unknown movement.

Bottom: made by Theren
Middle: made by Henrik
Top: original
Theren made a travelling leather tool holder during his free time on the weekends

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