Friday, November 13, 2015

Second year begins

New coats
This week Simone, Tomas, and Theren officially started the second year of their program.  They were given fancy new white coats!  They started the 2nd year by working on the 6498.  Practicing the correct ways to assemble and disassemble the movements.
Theren filing screwdrivers to prepare for disassembly

Simone and Tomas discussing the gear train


The students needed to make their own customized tools.  They decided to cooperate and focus their energy into making their tools together as one.  They were able to finish the project in a fast and effective manner.
NovoWatch representative at the school to showcase his products

What they can do

On Wednesday we had a guest from NovoWatch to introduce their products and services.  NovoWatch is a small local company that offers services such as: Finishing, decorating, and part-making (all parts of the watch).
Everyone having a good time

Svenja showing the new students how fondue is made

The school had it's second fondue party to welcome the 2 new students, Eddie and Nicolas.  It is their first time having cheese fondue, and they loved it.  Although it was the other students' second time, they really enjoyed it also.

Nicolas' alarm travelers watch

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