Monday, November 9, 2015

Full house

Nicolas filing away
Good news everyone! we've got our newest member and his name is Nicolaaaaas (with just one A).  This means that the school has filled up its last spot for the 2015-2017 fullskill course.  We are very excited to have him here and he has shown that he is very very excited to be here.
Our plating machine

The students watching the magic happen

Henrik worked on a project last week utilizing the plating machine to restore hands for a GP alarm watch.  He took this chance to show the students how to use the electric plating machine that we have in the school.  We are able to plate with rhodium, palladium, nickel, rose gold  and yellow gold on all non-ferrous metals.
Beautifully finished tripod from Eddie

Eddie finished his polishing tripod and it looks excellent!  He was able to decorate the bevels using the sand blasting machine.  The picture above should be self-explanatory.
The Stopwork finger waiting to be finished

Theren straight graining the maltese cross

Finished stop work.
Theren worked all week on a restoration project regarding making a Geneva stopwork mechanism for an old Patek Philippe watch.  After facing multiple obstacles, he was eventually able to complete the parts to satisfaction.

Simone burnishing his very last pivot gauge

Tomas finishing his balance staff

Eddie starting to turn on the 8mm lathe

The students continued to progress through the program, with Eddie starting on the 8mm lathe.  Simone finished up his pivot gauges and Tomas finished his balance staffs.

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