Friday, October 16, 2015

Wheel Working Week

Theren making his stand on the 102
Last week Theren started on a stand for his 6 glorious winding stems and 13 pivot gauges.  The stand is an optional side project that the students can do to showcase their work.  Theren made the stand out of brass and made a spiral pattern for the pivot gauges.  It took him 3 days, but it is finally finished.
The finished stand with casing

This week the students also learned how to make their first wheel, the hour wheel.  The techniques are not that new, but the setup requires extreme accuracy to make the wheel both centered and sharp.  By learning how to make the hour wheel, the students now know how to make ANY wheel.
Henrik showing the setup of making a wheel on the Schaublin 70

Eddie checking the centering of the wheel

Tomas checking the centering of the cutter

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