Friday, October 9, 2015

Back to Swiss

While the students were on holidays, Henrik was working hard teaching another specialized course on finishing in Kansas City, USA.  The course was held by the AWCI and had 15 of the best watchmakers selected by the association.  It was Henrik's first time in the United States of America, and he had a blast!

the American students sharing ideas

Group photo

Henrik demonstrating the use of the polishing tripod

The students polishing away

The American students working hard

Henrik explaining bluing techniques

An old polishing tool

The students discussing the use of the tools

As school has once again started, the students are back to working hard.  Besides the unfinished work, Henrik applied the same curriculum for the students as he had in America.  They learned the classical way of flat polishing, straight graining, and frosting.
A totally black polished piece

Flat polished on the tripod

Because Theren broke a tap while working his displaying stand for the winding stems and pivot gauges, Henrik had a chance to teach the students how to cook out a broken drill or screw from non-ferrous metals.
Theren's stand

The students observing the cooking process

The cooking of the drill

This week Eddie also finished learning all the machines, ending with the jigborer.
Eddie on the Jigborer

The students doing polishing exercises 

More polishing


  1. Amazing work, I only wish I had such training. Good Luck to all the Students, your doing a fantastic job.

  2. Thank you for the encouraging words David!