Monday, October 26, 2015

After school goodness

Kai shows the students how to draw gear teeth on Inventor
This week students learned how to make gears in Inventor thanks to Henrik`s brother Kai, who was kind enough to teach them how to draw.  It very useful to the students since they will be designing their own school watches in the 2nd year.
Kai drawing the teeth profiles using simple calculations

Henrik also gave a bonus lesson on another finishing technique used for making the sun-ray pattern last Sunday.  Using a special setup on the 70 lathe with the milling attachment they were able to produce perfectly centered sun-ray patterns.
Sun-ray pattern

What often happens in watchmaking is that watchmakers drop tiny components all the time.  Theren dropped his balance staff and everyone helped in looking for it.  With the team effort, Theren was able to retrieve his lost balance staff.
Team effort in finding Theren's dropped balance staff

This past Saturday Henrik took the students to a flea market in Fribourg called the Retro Technica.  It was filled with cool machining tools, radios, vintage video games and many many watchmaking tools, including collets, drills, taps, lathes, and many other tools.  It is a great place to get bargain deals on used tools for watchmakers.
2nd hand lathe at the flea market

vintage jacot tool

a plethora of drills, gravers, and other goodies

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