Friday, June 19, 2020



Pierre Aubert, James Punshon, Jayne Zhuo
Origin : Sydney, Australia. Toulouse, France. Singapore.
Age : 23
Watchmaking class: Technician Course
Current mood: Pierre here! After last week’s exams, this week was the usual independent week. All of us moved forward with all the remaining hairspring exercises and tasks. Although this seemed a bit repetitive and tiring at first, I must admit this was necessary! In fact, I feel that our ability to make hairsprings flat and centred around the collet has improved: we are no longer over complicating the reading of every situation and much more “just” in every move we make, all of which make for a more efficient and enjoyable process 😅😄🤓. We should start with chronographs next week, we are all very excited! We also very much look forward to repairing watches from A to Z with the repair course! Have a good weekend everyone! 

Name: Markus McDonald.
Origin: Stockholm, Sweden. 
Course: 2 years full skill course.
Current mode: This week I finished my pivot gauge module building to it throughout the week focusing on perfecting and bringing every step to the next level. This went very well and I was able to bring the exam piece too the next section. This was a huge success and I was able to pass and make my pivot gauge far better than my previous pieces.
In conclusion this week was hugely successful and rewarding as I finished one of the hardest modules. 

Origin : Malaysia
Age : 28
Watchmaking class : 2 years Fullskill Program
Current Mood: I finished the winding stem slot exercise and made a stand for it. Start the next interesting task which is to make a winding stem practice piece but in brass. Looking forward to next week with better weather please!

Origin : Kaohsiung, Taiwan 
Age : 27
Watchmaking : 2Y Fullskill Program
Current mood: After weeks of practicing, I am finally turning the franchise around. I have stopped breaking the pivots and the burnishing is good!! Gonna go for a trial exam next week and see what happens. Ciao~~~

Michael finished his slot making exercises, and made a nice wooden stand for them!

Alex pivots are getting more black polished look from the burnishing!

 Various types of friction clutch systems (cannon pinions).

Installing the cannon pinion in a safe way on the ETA 6498 movement.


Mixed bag of interesting techniques this week, not only pivot gauges and hairsprings! The technicians learning how to deal with various friction clutch systems such as the cannon pinion with various different types from antique to modern, as well as finishing all the old hairspring work. Michael started to prepare to make complete winding stems by finishing his slot exercises and preparing a hardened protection ring for the square filing. Alex continue with pivot gauges, starting to look really good now, and Markus took his final pivot gauge exam. All in all a really enjoyable week! Have a great weekend and see you next week!

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