Friday, June 5, 2020



Pierre Aubert, James Punshon, Jayne Zhuo
Origin : Sydney, Australia. Toulouse, France. Singapore.
Age : 23
Watchmaking class: Technician Course
Current mood:  Jayne here. 
Amazing week of hairspring (HS) work. So much to learn as we soon realized that one mistake can cost you the whole day to fix or it can just be as simple as a 15 mins fix. Always remember to apply Rule 1 where u either push in/out or up/down on the elbow of the HS or Rule 2 where you twist the HS to make yr HS as flat and center as possible. Then just do trial and error, like a game of poker. Exam's up next week, can't wait to complete it. 😎

Name: Markus McDonald.
Origin: Stockholm, Sweden. 
Course: 2 years full skill course.
Current mode: This week I focused on the trial exams for the pivot gauges. This was quiet trying as not only did I run into certain issues but the psychological stress of the values system was stressful. However although I ran into certain problems the end result was consistent. Additionally in between the trial exams I focused both on my three required winding stems, which when put into perspective with the pivot gauges was smooth. I also coordinated with Henrik on a pivot exercise which helped a lot with experimenting with the piece and expanding and decreasing stress for the exam.
In conclusion this week wasn’t easy but it was necessary, intense and consistent for the course and the fundamentals.

Origin : Malaysia
Age : 28
Watchmaking class : 2 years Fullskill Program
Current Mood: Learned the Jig Boring machine. A very VERY accurate machine. Did more file modification. Probably will get some sexy callus on my finger tips soon. Please no. Looking forward to next week. 

Origin : Kaohsiung, Taiwan 
Age : 27
Watchmaking : 2Y Fullskill Program
Current mood: It's been a rather exhausting week. That one day off isn't sufficient against a week of rainy weather. And to think it will continue till next week..... I hope the sun is up from time to time at least.

Setting up the stock material.

Drilling/milling flat ended blind holes.

Inspecting with the microscope.

Drilling/milling, scribing and centering exercise. 


The weather got suddenly very cold and rainy, feeling like November! Other than that, this week continued with practice exams for the hairsprings and pivot gauges, getting now closer to the real one and hopefully everyone will be ready soon. Its a bit of a repetitive kind of week, which is fine ones in a while. Michael learn a new machine this week, as I introduced him to the Jig-boring machine, which can simply be described as a really precise drilling machine. Ones he learns the basics he will be able to for example drill all the locating pin holes, jewel and screw holes in a mainplate extremely accurately positioned, among an unlimited number of other uses in watchmaking, prototyping and restoration.  Have a great weekend everyone!  

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