Friday, February 15, 2019

Final week to prepare for the final exam

This week we practiced as much repairing as possible because the final exam is coming really soon, only one week left. During the practicing,  it took us some time to get familiar with all the procedures to overhaul a watch. We also retraced some repairing skills which haven't used for a while. It's getting better now, but we still worry about the issue of not enough time to finish the overhaul, and how good the quality should be to pass the exam. Hope everything will be fine for the final exam. This week we also learn how to set the hands correctly for a quartz watch. It was not difficult for the hour hand and minute hand. However, it's little bit tricky to set the second hand because the play for it is relatively big, and it's hard to align with the dail. But it's good to fresh ourselves to do something new during the stressful week.

 Got Delta 3, nice

 Found an entangled hairspring when check the movement

Fix the problem and make it normal

 What's wrong with the barrel?

Bent teeth which stop the geartrain

Hand setting tool

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