Friday, October 12, 2018

Introduction to Calendar Watches and a New Project

    This week, we kept working on the seven movements for the precision timing, and we also learned something new. Henrik introduced us to the calendar watches, and it is really interesting to know that and how these parts make the day and date change. However, we only know the basic theory of calendar watches, and there are more knowledge waiting us to be discovered. 
    Stan also got a new project from Henrik this week. There is a vintage alarm watch from Jaeger-LeCoultre needed to be restored. After disassembling the watch, Stan found that there are many parts missing and many parts are broken. It's gonna be a good challenge for Stan to restore this watch.
     Last Friday we had special visitors from WOSTEP. Henrik met his friend and former student Nicholas who is the teacher in WOSTEP and showed them around our school. They are surprised that we could use any machine freely and come to school whenever we want. We had a happy meeting last Friday, and I think soon we will visit WOSTEP too.

One simple calendar movement with date disc display.

The Memovox alarm movement from Jaeger LeCoultre, really cool movement!

 Parts are missing

 Really dirty mainplate

 Not so many parts left

                                                            Visitors from WOSTEP.

Henrik show them our machines.

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