Friday, January 19, 2018

The begining of the watch course!

We officially step into the watch course of this two year program this week. Starting from introduction of time concept and basic movement structure. Also, very important, like graver to lathe, before disaasemble movement we have learn how to maintain screwdrivers. Screwdriver is usually made from blue steel and should be properly maintained every day after daily work. If not, we may scratch the movement badly. Which is really not something you want to be doing.

This week is also SIHH 2018, some of the classmates visited the show and we will update some pictures next week.

We are finally using the theory room to learn some theory course. Sif looks fade out. haha...

CJ maintain his screwdrivers. We have to prepare 24 Henrik certified screwdrivers for later use.

Some of Sifs finished screwdrivers.

Yi Ting black polishing screws.

Stan black polishing screws.

Tripod from Stan, treated with black rhodium in main body and red gold in screw head.

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