Friday, January 26, 2018

SIHH 2018, Visitor, shock absorbers, and Movement assembly

 Last week was SIHH 2018, and Yi Ting and Stan went there to join this big event for watchmakers and watchlovers. This is our first time to join this kind of event. In the SIHH, the more interesting section for us is some indenpendent watchmaker brand. For this small brand, they normaly  dont have as many as different calibers or models than the big brands, but they always show the amazing hand-finishing and unique innovative design for the movement. Hence, these indenpent brands more attract our attention. We will certainly come back next year.
    This week,We change to white coat as a real watchmaker,and we learned a lot new stuff. We learned how to oil the shockabsorber and disassamble and assamble the ETA movement. Both are new and challenging for us. By doing these things, we feel we are closer to the real watchmaker, and it feels great. Really excited for the upcoming challenges.

Felix practicing shock absorber manipulation

Disassembly, oiling and assembly of shock absorbers.

Practice movements for all.
We also got visitors, to the left Julien working for Laurent Ferrier  and his friend Maëlle (right) who is studying watchmaking in Bretagne, France, both super passionate about watchmaking and we wish both of them the best watchmaking experiences for the future. Its really cool for us to meet the real people in this industry we feel very lucky!
Taking notes about safety when using special screw disolving acids.
One click screw broke by over tightening it in the barrel bridge so we had to also learn how to cook it out with a special solution called vissin, this acid does not disolve the brass bridge but only the steel screw, genious!

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