Friday, November 17, 2017

Continue pushing

This week we had our first snow in winter, and it means that there are not much time left for us to finish our works and tools. It's Yi-ting's turn to take the hour wheel exam this week, and she succeed in making a good hour wheel in 4 hours. Felix and Sif finished their first balance staff this week. Felix also try to make one balance staff in two hours, and he succeed in making a functional one. That's pretty awesome. Stan was busy donig his last four pivot gauges, and he got some trouble in make the dome shining and black polished. It's the most difficult part for him not the small dimater. CJ finished all the works that we have to finish so he got some extra projects to do. He practiced black polishing with different size screws, and they all look nice. He also took his second-hand tool to school to see if there were something to modify. He found a little problem for his screw polishing tool, and he mill a part to replace the old one. Now, he could use the tool for his next week porject.

Yi Ting turning pivot gauge.

CJ modify his polishing tool.

Le Locle is already super cold to us.

Felix measuring balance staff

Decoration for the Christamas.

Black polished screw from CJ.

Angular rule with straight graining from Sif

Sif using jig bore.

Stan turning pivot gauge.

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